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and so it is

I just want to thank everyone for being so awesome and taking into consideration everything I had to say about adopting pets 🙂 I can honestly say that this subject has become a passion of mine and I hope to have more time in the future to dedicate to all of the animals that are in need of a loving home. I hope that I have also influenced some of you to adopt your next pet or to support your local humane society. CHEERS everyone!


I had nightmares

By now I assume that almost everyone has heard about, or seen the video of the “U.S Soldier” throwing a small puppy over a bridge. This is absolutely the wrost thing I have seen. It not only made me sick but gave me nightmares. Not to get political or anything… but how can these people be called heroes when they are clearly needing mental help. I’m not really sure if this soldier was trying to prove something by having his actions filmed but if being heartless and troubled was his goal, he sure achieved it. I guess that what makes me most upset about this whole situation is knowing that there are people everyday who do things like this to animals. As innocent as a puppy is, think about what else this man could be capable of doing besides the fact that he killing people and throwings dogs is okay. The only bright side to this story that I could find was the number of people who were taking a stand against these actions. Its good to see that people are becoming more ware about animal cruelty and on a side note… how stupid the U.S army is.

buying pets can be good too

It makes me happy to hear how many people are into adopting pets and how many also have pets. The idea of pet adoption is great but one that can be time consuming, require a great deal of patience and sometimes money if the animals has medical needs. I think that buying pets can also be a great thing, its fast, specific and credible. However, problems often occur when people buy pets from either pet stores, flea markets and puppy mills. These places are usually not credible as the animals are in high risk of having a disease, health problems and have been neglected or even abused. Recently what has been happening in some pet stores is that the animals are coming from puppy mills.

Also, about a month ago in the news was a warning against buying pets at flea markets because puppies that were bough at a GTA flea market had rabies. So if you are not into adopting pets from a humane society, buying is okay too as long as the breeder is credible, has the valid permits and papers to be a breeder and the animal looks healthy of course. After all, the goal is to stop the number of animals that have to be rescued from places such as puppy mills and flea markets so why support pet stores of breeders that are unethical and sketchy.


While looking at the Toronto Humane Society web page I couldn’t help but notice that there were only about 3 smaller dogs and the rest were large breeds. Its absolutely upsetting to see this because in a lot of cases people think they can take on the responsibility of a large pet but can’t accommodate them or do not have enough time for them.  To anyone who is thinking about getting a pet, especially a large dog, I would recommend researching about the breed and truly thinking over budgets, space and time required to take care of an animal.  On the other hand, if you know you want a larger breed dog for a pet, there are always beautiful ones available in shelters, some as small as 2 months old.

The reason

100_0393.jpg Audrey is the reason this blog exists. She is a three -year -old miniture something and maltese mix. The reason I will never know what breed she is exaclty is because she came from a puppy mill. She was rescued and has been living a life of luxury ever since. Audrey was found in the middle of a highway scared and hurt. she had worms, fleas and a thorn stuck in her paw. Though it was a challange at first, she is a girl’s best friend. I encourage everyone to share their stories of how their pet(s) were rescued and why they chose to adopt a pet.